What People Are Saying About My Yad?

Don't Just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Ruth Cash Religious School Administrator Livingston, NJ

Each YAD is totally individual and unique. Our students have a wonderful time creating their personalized YADs as well as using them at their B'Nai Mitzvot. The personalized YAD became the only tangible item left in their hands of that high spiritual event of becoming a Bat/Bar Mitzvah. The finished product is a true Judaic treasure.

Debbie Spiegel Director of Education Toronto, Canada

The students love creating their own YAD projects, first online and later putting them together in the classroom. Our students use their unique personalized YADs to practice their Torah portion in preparation for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and proudly use it on Bat/Bar mitzvah day. Parents love it as much as their children – it is a tangible memento from one of the most meaningful experiences of their children’s life.

Sharon Paz Director of Lifelong learning Nashville, TN

For the past 9 years, all of our 6th graders have had the opportunity to become “Judaica artists” making their own, personalized YAD to use as they become Bnai Mitzvah and read from the Torah, for the first time. Each beautiful YAD is a gift to our students from our Synagogues. Many thanks Avi, for sharing your craftsmanship, artistry and insights into the making of “Tashmishei Kodesh”, Jewish ritual items, with our kids.

Lori Ripps YAD gift giver Pensacola, FL

The personalized YAD is so special. I am so happy to be able to give them as gifts, as they are unique, personal, and meaningful. I first discovered them when my daughter, became a Bat Mitzvah and received one as a gift from a friend. It was her very favorite gift. She is now 18 and has used it every year since as she reads parashat Yitro on the anniversary of her Bat Mitzvah! What a great tradition!